Monday, June 13, 2016

How You Can Help Us This Saturday, June 18, 2016

What's Happening:

A Community Volunteer Day for the New Hydrangea Garden
and Plaza in Marlborough (8112 Paseo)

Volunteers are invited to come out and Make a Difference by helping us plant and prepare the site.  We're covering most of it with a thick layer of recycled cardboard (to suppress grass and weeds) and then we're adding a good three inches of organic mulch.  This will help us to manage the landscape and, as the cardboard and mulch break down, they will improve our soil.

We also plan to plant trees, shrubs and flowers this Saturday, June 18th.

Join Us Anytime That You Can Help Between

8AM to Noon

Please let us know if you're available and we'll reserve enough gloves and tools:

(816) 447-0539

Can you bring the kids?  Of course you can, because it's ALWAYS fun to play in the dirt!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

First Marlborough Hydrangea Garden Community Work Date

Saturday, June 18th (10AM to 2PM) -- It's our first Marlborough Hydrangea Garden Volunteer Planting Date....but first things first. Here's an online tutorial on the basics of how we'll start improving the soil at our new garden at 8112 Paseo (Thank you Already you (our KC volunteers) have two opportunities to help us build a beautiful urban retreat: 1) Let us know you're available to help for all (or part) of the work day on the 18th. That will help us know how much mulch to have at the site AND also how many plants we can plan to get planted on the 18th and/or 2) Stockpile your newspapers and cardboard to build our under-the-mulch weed block (tape and staples removed).   Thank you for your help and support!